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Macro photography by Ëss Burn artist

Howdy Howdy!



This is Samuelle, Adam and Falkor.

This is simply who we are and what we are doing.

This versatile space we are bringing to you is not only an online Portfolio for the Artist, but also a very tasty many-mixed-fields site.... A Little bit like our own version of a Long Island Iced Tea .... Yes, I know, me too!

From fully rebuilding our 52 foot steel ketch sailboat, to dreaming the future sailing/travelling plans, to building ways of making a living by launching our own company, and to my(Ëss) own Art practice... We have created our brand name as a multitask production platform where we will share our world, update content on our progress on Falkor and on Adam's building work and writing and tons more

This is our fun universe where magic will happen in all forms and we just want to share it with yous 



Yours truly,
Sammi & Adzi




"With Sammi, there are no half measures.."

Sammi is a particularly enthusiastic, emotional, keen and passionate person. Born and raised in Quebec (Montreal, Granby and other towns) she has struggeled her whole life to find the balance within herself, the confidence and courage that it takes to thrive in her creativity and career but also simply as a person. 

She has studied Arts, Cinema, and many other things but never "finished" any of them.... until...
In December 2019, she moved to Tofino, British-Columbia to start a new life and open new horizons for herself.... And that's when the real deal begun for her! 
Now owner of both her own company and a 52 foot steel ketch alongside her partner and best friend Adam, fulfilled artist and mariner/deckhand/yacht caretaker... Life is just starting to get interesting!



(From the kind words of Samuelle Bernard) :
Captain Adam Watson.... 
The kindness of Canada, The strenght of Jamaica, The movemiento of Mexico.... All in one human being. 
Adam has been raised on one of the most famous tallships of the North West Pacific coast: The Providence. He has grown a life worth of never-ending skills and experience around the marine world as a technician, an engineer, a Captain, a mentor flourishing the passionate, curious, fun, meticulous soul that he is. 
Father of two beautiful, successful daughters and now owner of his 52 foot dream home steel ketch sailboat with his partner Sam (yeh, That's me !).. Adam is now actively putting all of his knowledge, experience, creativity, inspiration, guts, into building them the home of their dreams <3.

In between passion, projects and dreams. 
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