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We've got a Blog 😍⚓️ ! !

Oye oye everyone !
We have decided that the best way for us to share our progress on Falkor and answer all kinds of questions that some of you sailers and
dreamers out there could have is to create a blog and regularly post right here for all of you.

The blog will most probably be more of Adam's department as he is the Master Mind behind all the beautiful things that are hapenning on our project girl (I really just am the muscles !) and I really want to see him write more as he has got one beautiful feather under his hat, y'all will see !

Soooooo, yay ! Will see you soon soon with all kinds of cool content !


Tristan Bernard
Tristan Bernard
Nov 19, 2023

Come on Falkor...It's time...Open up your wings, and FLY.. !!!!

Replying to

Thank youuuuuu ! 🥰🤩❤️🧚‍♀️

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